Will Commercial Buses Benefit from Tyre Pressure Monitors and Reversing Cameras?

Commercial bus operators and drivers have a great responsibility to fulfill. Not only have they got to operate the vehicles and deliver the passengers to their preferred destination, they also need to make sure that every trip is satisfactorily completed in a safe manner. In short, in every scheduled trip on the road, a bus driver has to consider the needs and requirements of all stakeholders involved, from the owners, the passengers, and even the authorities who expect safe and responsible driving every time. But these requirements are not the only things that commercial drivers must face when they take on the road. Driving a large commercial vehicle like a bus is hard, and it comes with common difficulties like blind spots and other mechanical failures. And with a number of accidents reported involving coach buses, it begs the question, are bus operators today ready to complete the job in a satisfactory manner?

Safety technologies can help bus drivers on the road

When it comes to promoting safety on the roads, bus drivers can depend on the use and installation of a tyre pressure monitor. Tyre pressure is a factor in both fuel consumption and safety, and it’s only best that this is installed on the bus. With its use, drivers can easily monitor the tyre pressure on a regular basis. To help drivers, the monitor will create alerts if there are changes or loss of pressure due to leaking valves or puncture. The same alerts will also be given if there is an overheating tyre. In short, adding the TPMS will serve as an ‘extra eye’ for the driver who wants complete control of the bus on the road.

tyre-pressure-monitoring-system-01And speaking extra eyes on the road, bus drivers can also take advantage of the services of reversing cameras. Reversing cameras can help bus drivers confidently see the areas around the vehicle, especially the blind spots. Reversing cameras are helpful when making a turn, or when reversing. And when partnered with a mobile video recorder, it becomes easier for the operators to manage the bus even when they are not around. The captured videos can be used against false insurance claims, vandalism and from aggressive passengers.