3 Ways Blind Spots Can Cause Serious Problems

As a driver, you should be aware of and concerned about the presence of the vehicle blind spot. In driving, it refers to that area around the vehicle that cannot be directly seen or observed. The vehicle blind spot is found in almost all types of vehicles, and it’s often considered as a big concern for larger vehicles like trucks and SUVs. With a proper understanding of blind spots and the use of appropriate safety and visibility equipment like reversing cameras, drivers can easily navigate the roads and avoid accidents along the way. However, not all drivers are responsible enough and understand the value of addressing blind spots. Here are three ways your vehicle blind spots can cause injuries, costly damages or worse, death.

Making Left Turns in Intersections

Making a left turn can become a problem, and it will become more difficult if there are pedestrians obstructing the road. As a general rule, pedestrians using the appropriate crossing have the right of way when the vehicle is turning. The number of pedestrians crossing the road is not just the main problem that drivers have to face. Drivers will also get poor visibility because of a ‘pillar’ that are found to the left of the windshield which is also known as the A-Pillar. Used to reinforce modern vehicles during rollovers, this pillar can also limit the view of the driver, thus leading to accidents on the road.

Changing Lanes

Collisions can also happen when drivers attempt to change lanes, often resulting in sideswipe collisions. This happens when a driver suddenly decides to change lane but unaware that there’s another car in the other lane. It can be due to poor visibility or he simply fails to double-check the side mirror for traffic. These collisions are often considered minor accidents, but there are instances when these can lead to costly injuries and damages.

When Backing Up or Reversing

Poor visibility can cause accidents and injuries when reversing or backing up. Poor visibility contributed by the blind spots is often serious in larger vehicles like trucks and SUVs. In fact, one of the most common road accidents in different countries including Australia is reversing accidents with toddlers and young children as the usual victims.


Vehicle blind spot is a problem and it should be addressed the right way. There are different ways on how you can boost visibility, and one way to make it happen is through the use of technologies. For example, you can use reversing cameras that can work for multiple vehicle applications and industries. The most basic is a reversing mirror or a 2-camera reversing camera system which can be fitted on the side or at the rear of the vehicle. Reversing cameras can help you see more clearly, thus promoting a safer way to back up or reverse. Also, don’t forget to physically check the rear or the sides just before backing up. It’s always the best strategy when one wants to be safe on the roads- to manually check and confirm if the road is clear.