Car Reversing Sensors

Reversing Sensors which can be installed Onsite In Melbourne

We Supply & Install rear or front parking sensors kit for various makes and models.

Current technology has allowed car reversing sensors to be installed in new vehicles and for this reason, these cars have added value and have been safer to use. Now you do not have to invest in a new car to benefit
from a car reversing sensor system, at PPA Car Audio we supply and install parking sensor kits for all makes
and models of vehicles.

If you have one of our car reversing sensors installed in your vehicle, you would never want to go back.
Car reversing sensors provide the driver a sense of security of being control and higher confidence when
reversing and parking. Car reversing sensors allow the driver to be informed of objects that are in close
proximity to the vehicle by alerting you with sounds. The sensor systems are waterproof are designed for
maximum coverage allowing wide-angle detection of objects in the rear of the vehicle. Reversing sensor
systems can be installed in cars which will increase the overall safety of those around the vehicle while
reverse parking. Car reversing sensor systems are colour coded to match the vehicle paint which allows you
to a cosmetically appealing seamless finish. PPA Car Audio offers great service on parking sensors systems
which can be supplied and fitted onsite at the most reasonable prices.

When looking for a front or rear parking sensor system for your vehicle, keep in mind that PPA Car Audio
will make sure you will be recommended with the following:

Customer Service Australia based 24/7

Warranty on Product

Reasonable solution for your car

Great price

As time goes on technology is getting better and better and with that new cars are getting more and more advanced.
The biggest feature to recently hit the market in new cars are they’re reversing sensor system such as reversing
cameras and parking sensors, a lot of people think to get the added features you have to go and pay top dollar for
a brand new car but wait, you don’t!
Little people know that here at PPA CAR AUDIO we can supply and install reversing sensors to any vehicle of any age,
shape, size, make and model even trucks, buses and trailers! Plus they are really not that expensive at all and very

Once you have one of our front or rear parking sensor systems installed into your car you will never want to go back.

Parking sensors are a great idea for any driver whether your newly licensed, not quite familiar with your new car or just want some added safety.

Parking sensors are a great way to boost the driver’s confidence and sense of security, car, and caravan reversing sensors allow the driver to be informed of their surroundings and objects that are in a close proximity to their vehicle when parking by a sound,
simply the closer you get the faster the system will beep, they can also come with a dash mount display showing you which side the object is on and also how far away it is.
These sensors systems are fully waterproof and are designed for maximum coverage providing a very large wide-angle detection of objects across the bumper of your vehicle. We also colour code each system specifically to suit the colour
of your vehicle so they can look as close to standard as possible and don’t stand out providing you with an appealing and seamless finish. PPA CAR AUDIO provides the best quality reversing and parking systems in Melbourne with a professional onsite installation.

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Front & Rear Parking Censors

I think it’s fair to say, one of the hardest skills for drivers to learn is effective parking. And this anxiety often remains with even experienced drivers, especially when driving an unfamiliar car, or when attempting to reverse or parallel park. To combat this, now, almost all new vehicles come with parking sensors, thus reducing the possibility of accidentally scraping your vehicle on a curb, or against another car – and reducing unnecessary expenses and anxiety.

Best of all, this inexpensive technology is also available to most non-factory-fitted vehicles.

Front and rear sensors are most commonly placed at either the front, or rear bumper of the vehicle, and in many cases, both front and rear.

Front Sensors: prevent parking scrapes & bumps and help the Driver to detect obstacles (raised curb/child’s scooter etc.) that may be out of the driver’s side of vision, from the front.

Rear Sensors: prevent parking scrapes & bumps and help the Driver to detect obstacles (shopping trolleys etc.) that may be out of the driver’s side of vision and have been shown to reduce reversing accidents by 15% or more.

Purchasing, and installing is made simple task when you contact one of our Team for guidance and advice. The investment is a small one compared to the cost of repairs to the vehicle, the loss of value on your car, and most importantly the safety and security of knowing you are making yourself, and your family, safer.

Call our Team or contact us to discuss installing or upgrading your front and rear parking sensors today 😊