Car Reversing Cameras

Car Reversing Cameras Melbourne to suit many makes, year and model vehicles, four wheel drives, caravans, trucks and more.
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When it comes to simple and effective safety precautions, Reversing Camera Units are among the best and most cost-effective, ways to ensure your family’s safety. And when it comes to reversing camera units, PPA Car Audio is your first choice.

Whether you’re upgrading, or installing, PPA has an extensive range of Retention-Add-on Camera adaptors, with models to suit most popular vehicles. We also stock an impressive range of plug-in OEM Reverse Camera Retention Harnesses, suitable for most vehicle makes and models.

There is no denying having front and rear cameras is literally potentially lifesaving, however, many people don’t realise that, in most cases, even for older cars, there is suitable a front and rear camera option.

The purpose of your camera is to record both what is happening ahead, or behind you and what has happened in front, or behind you, serving as both a warning device and as recorded evidence, if needed, later. Having video evidence of any events, whether you’re directly involved or not, is beneficial to you, the police, other drivers, and your insurance company – or indeed, the opposing insurance company, where there may be a dispute about the events leading to, and cause of, an accident, with another vehicle.

Front Camera: Gives the driver a clear view of the road ahead.

Rear Camera: records what is happening, and has happened, behind you.

The quality of the video is important, as is finding the correct unit for your personal, or business use, and your make and model. We encourage you to review our range of products, and if you’re unsure, or can’t find the make and model suitable for your vehicle, our trained and knowledgeable Team can assist you with your questions and offer guidance. There are units that suit most vehicles, and at PPA, we have a wide variety, of the most popular brands. Contact us to discuss installing or upgrading your front and rear camera today.


PPA Car Audio offers budget and premium solutions for car reversing cameras.
Choosing one of our budget solutions is an affordable and easy way to have a car reverse camera installed in your car.
Our branded premium car reverse cameras are also in stock and we can ensure you will be supplied professional installation.
We have a very large range of car reversing cameras, please feel free to inquire with us. We have thousands of satisfied customers around Australia.

We specialize in car reversing systems, which include solutions for car reversing cameras and car reversing sensors.
We offer a range of car reversing cameras to suit many makes and models.
If you are located in Melbourne we can come on site and supply and install a car reversing camera in your car, 4wd
or caravan or Motorhome.

Our Range Of Reversing Cameras

In-dash touch screens with reversing camera option

Replacement rear view mirrors with reversing camera

Clip over rear view mirrors with reversing camera

Dash/windscreen mount monitors with reversing camera

Dash/windscreen mount monitors with reversing camera

Parking sensors – beeps when reversing

Our experienced friendly staff is more than happy to answer your questions.
Reversing cameras are a great accessory to fit your vehicle whether it be a
small hatch right up to a commercial truck or bus.
A reversing camera is a great idea for more than one reason, they will give you a perfect view of what is behind you not only increasing the safety of pedestrians and small children around you but also greatly decreasing the risk of you having an accident.

Installation and fitment

We offer professional on-site installation with 12 months back to base warranty,
we travel anywhere in the Melbourne area with absolutely no travel fee.

There are different types of car reversing cameras, for this reason, please feel free to contact us so you can speak to a specialist who may guide you to the right solution.
The type of car reversing camera you require will depend on the type of vehicle you have and also some personal preferences you may have with how the device operates.