Car CD Players in Melbourne, Victoria

Quality car CD players for outstanding In-Car entertainment and excellent value for your money. PPA Car Audio offers high-quality car CD players, sale and installation at very reasonable cheap price in Melbourne, Victoria as PPA Car Audio is the leading dealer in Melbourne for In-Car Entertainment – CD Players of top brands such as:

» Kenwood car cd/ DVD/ apple car play units
» Alpine car cd/ DVD/ apple car play units

CarPlay & Android Audio

CarPlay is a device offered through Apple, and available on iPhone models from iPhone5, that enables your car’s radio, or head unit, to be a display, & controller, and is used by all major vehicle manufacturers. CarPlay adapts to your vehicle’s display size and control interfaces, offering advantages such as touchscreen, steering-wheel controls and hands-free microphones.

For those vehicles without CarPlay already installed, PPA has a complete range of vehicle audio products suited for your make and model of vehicle and budget. Our training and experienced Sales Team can assist with helping you select the ideal product for your needs, and our Service Team can arrange the fitting.

Not an Apple person? No problem. Android Audio has been designed to mirror your smartphone features, on your car dashboard. Once your preferred unit has been installed, the Android Auto system mirrors specific supported apps, such as GPS Mapping, Navigation, SMS, and Music Playback, among others. This system supports both button-controlled and touchscreen, as well as the invaluable voice-command controlled hands-free option.

What is digital radio?

Described as “the next generation” of radio, digital radio receivers can decode and receive a digital program stream, enabling you to hear, and in the case of built-in screens, see exceptional quality audio. The advantages include improved audio quality as well as transmission of additional program information such as weather forecasts, news headlines, and, for radio stations, listing song titles, artist names etc.

Advanced digital radios offer more detailed information, and digital imagery, such as album cover art. Some even give you the option to pause live radio, while you answer the phone – a great advantage for drivers who use our vehicles for work or find they need to multitask a lot. And, unlike music streaming services, there is no need to worry about data usage, due to how the data package is broadcast.

In Australia, we use an upgraded version of the global Digital Audio Broadcasting standard called DAB+. It’s not only more energy-efficient, but the delivery is also less expensive than FM and AM broadcasting.

Examples include program information to show what is on now and coming up next, weather forecasts, and news headlines, and for music stations you can see artists and track names.

More advanced digital radios allow the display of images – weather information, album cover art, presenter information and more. Some also allow you to record radio programs for later playback, or even pause live radio while you answer the phone.

Sounds great right?

Well, it is. At PPA Car Audio, our experienced and professional Team, can assist you in updating your system, or upgrading your current digital radio. We offer an extensive range of units, suited to the most popular car models.

Kenwood Car Radio

Kenwood is one of the best-known and sort-after brands, and at PPA Car Audio, we have a complete range of Kenwood products, including an extensive range of Kenwood Car Radios. And while Kenwood’s reputation has the customer thinking quality, Kenwood products remain affordable.

PPA Car Audio offers an extensive range of Kenwood Car Radios, with a unit suitable for most cars, as well as installation, and advice. Call our Team or contact us to discuss installing or upgrading your Kenwood Car Radio.

Kenwood Head Unit

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Sony Head Unit

Alpine Car Radio

At PPA Car Audio we hold the biggest, and best brands, including Alpine, a leader in audio and stereo, and car sound systems. You’ll find a complete range of systems, with units to suit most budgets, and makes and models of cars.

With the ability to customise the sound to suit your taste, Alpine’s car stereos make listening to music in your car, a completely personalised experience.


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