Marine Boat Audio Visual Upgrade

Marine / Boat Audio Upgrade

Enhance your marine experience by upgrading your boat’s speaker system. Whether you want to rock out on the water or listen to gentle music, marine grade speakers enable you to do so in style! Are you looking for a visual element to make boating even better? Several of these speakers come with colour options so that you can set the perfect ambiance for any mood.

Choose from a wide variety of waterproof speakers, boat stereos, heat units, CD players, amplifiers and AM/FM receivers. These options are ideal for boating. Our team of marine audio experts can help you select the right components for your specific needs.

Why You Need a Marine Audio System

Are you currently using car stereo equipment or another cheap set of speakers? This might seem like the least expensive option, but the truth is that these speakers won’t last because they’re not made to be exposed to outside elements. In fact, if you get a bit of water on a car stereo speaker, it could easily stop working properly. Most of these units will become corroded and need to be replaced within a short duration of installation.

An audio system specifically made for boat usage is different in all the right ways. It will provide stellar sound quality to please you and your guests. At the same time, its construction enables it to withstand water, humidity, salt air, and rain.

Specially made circuit boards, along with rubber gaskets and either ABS plastic or stainless steel, are the main key to waterproof speaker success. Car stereos don’t use these components. Instead, they typically rely on cardboard thick paper cones. This provides excellent sound quality, but it’s not up to the task of withstanding splashing, let alone rain.

Choosing the Right Marine Stereo System

Every boat has its own power restrictions and interior design that can impact speaker performance. For instance, do you know where to mount your speakers to get the best possible sound? Are you aware of how to match speakers to an amplifier so that each component has the longest usable lifespan? We’re here to answer any questions you may have so that you can get the most out of your new marine stereo system!

Marine Boat Audio Visual Upgrade

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