Why Should You Be Concerned About Blind Spots?

There are a number of factors that contribute to accidents on Australian roads and project sites- blind spots being one of the biggest factors, especially when trucks, pedestrians, and workers are involved. What are blind spots, and why should you take these seriously if you operate a fleet of heavy-duty trucks or a project site? Simply put, the blind spots in the vehicle refer to the area that is not directly observed and monitored by the driver or operator while managing the controls. Blind spots are present in different types of vehicles, but these are bigger and more dangerous on larger vehicles like trucks.

Blind spots usually become a bigger problem when heavy trucks or other larger vehicles reverse or turn left into a road. When a driver or operator of the truck decides to make a turn, he often struggles to see the person, cyclist or vehicle that’s sitting on the side or at the front diagonal position. According to one study conducted in the United Kingdom, roughly 80 percent of collisions with cyclists happen within 20 meters of a junction, or near the area where a heavy truck or vehicle is about to turn.

The same risk is faced by drivers and operators when reversing. When drivers engage the reverse, they often fail to completely see what’s behind the vehicle, leading to accidents and injuries. This is often true in busy streets and in work sites where there are a number of trucks and vehicles that reverse.

When blind spots are considered the cause of accidents, nearly two-thirds of these accidents are considered fatal. Also, these types of accidents result in injuries, costly repairs, and hospitalization and most productive hours. These are the reasons why every company and fleet manager should be concerned about vehicle blind spots and should take the appropriate actions.

Reduce blind spots with technology

When blind spots are considered problems, then it’s best that you invest in technologies. There are a number of driving and reversing aids that tackle vehicle blind spots. Some of the best safety tech and add-ons that can be used on vehicles and heavy trucks are reversing camera systems partnered with a mobile video digital recorder, parking sensors or even parking alarms. These technologies will alert drivers like you- visually and audibly- and in the process preventing road accidents and injuries along the way.