Before Backing Up, Consider These Suggestions

Backing up or reversing is a serious concern that requires complete understanding and preparation. If not done right, reversing can damage the vehicle and worse can cause injuries on the road and the workplace. With the potential costs involved, it’s important that drivers should take reversing seriously. Whether one is operating a family car and reversing in the neighborhood or operating a corporate truck and reversing in a project site, it’s highly critical that this should be done in a safe and responsible manner. Here are some things that you should do and remember before backing up.

Always Check for Hazards

A physical check for hazards should be a standard before attempting to reverse. In fact, it’s highly recommended that you complete a circle check, by focusing on the following:

  • Under the car
  • Around the vehicle, particularly behind the car
  • Above your car

When checking the surroundings before attempting to reverse, it’s best to check for the following things:

  • Lamp posts and poles
  • Buildings
  • Power or electrical lines
  • Other parked vehicles or moving vehicles
  • People in the area, especially kids who are walking or playing in the vicinity
  • The pathway that the car will take


The standard circle check should be combined with a complete inspection of the condition of the car. In case there are problems in the vehicles exterior, the engine or its other parts, then these problems should be addressed immediately before attempting to reverse and drive. If you are driving a service car, these problems may be reported to the employer or the supervisor. A more efficient way to prepare for reversing and backing up is by installing a reversing camera system offered by top suppliers like Reverse Safe of Australia. The installation of reversing camera systems can help drivers prepare for the challenges of the road and give drivers improved visibility. And it can even help drivers even before backing up since the system is immediately activated as soon as the reverse is engaged.