Towing and Reversing your Caravan the Right Way With these Tips

Towing your caravan may change the car’s performance and may require greater attention to details. Compared to simply driving a car, the task of towing the caravan is considered to be more challenging because of the extra weight and length, which can be safety concern when towing, turning and reversing. Although there are safety risks involved when using a caravan, keep in mind that you can tow and steer it the safe way if you just pay attention to some towing tips.

It’s best to practice towing and driving on shorter trips before embarking on a weekend travel. This should give you the confidence to take on the steering wheel and control the extra weight that comes with the caravan.

Towing can impact the braking capability and the acceleration of the car. Keep this in mind when approaching corners or when applying brakes in front of other cars on the road. If you are on the road, you need to maintain a ‘sizable space’ between your car and the vehicle in front of you. This should give you extra time and space when turning, especially when braking performance is erratic.

Reversing when towing a caravan can be challenging, and can be a source of accidents if done without care. To avoid PPA 7” Dash Mount Reversing 2 Camera Systemthe usual accidents that are often linked to reversing, experienced drivers recommend practicing the art of reversing in a safe environment with someone who can guide you. It would be best if your caravan is fitted with a reversing camera specifically designed for your caravan. If you are not sure what kind of cameras you need, you can always contact the company for assistance.

Load hitches are properly set-up and the caravan is loaded the right way. This should prevent swaying on the road, which can be a problem for the inexperienced drivers.

Practice defensive driving when towing the caravan. Keep left to allow the other vehicles on the road to pass and pull over to allow other cars to overtake the caravan.

And finally, don’t forget to take a rest and enjoy the scenery. Owning and driving a caravan is a lifestyle in itself that requires your commitment. If you can practice all these tips when towing the caravan, you not only enjoy your time on the road, but you can also keep your friends and family safe every time