Basic Mirror Style Reversing Camera Kit To Boost Reversing Safety

Reversing cameras and monitors are configured, designed and installed in different ways to provide drivers and PPA 7” Reversing Mirror & 1 Camera Systemoperators a complete view of the rear. Thanks to properly positioned cameras, drivers can park and reverse safely. And for many vehicle owners, the most popular installation is through the use of reversing cameras that are fitted at the back of the cars and wired to monitors installed on the dashboard. These monitors can integrate into the existing screen, which allows drivers to monitor the movement by simply looking at the factory screen on the dash. Aside from this popular way of enjoying a reversing camera system, vehicle and fleet owners can also count on a mirror style reversing camera kit. Instead of using a monitor that integrates into a factory screen on the dash, the LCD monitor is integrated or built-in into the vehicle’s mirror. A perfect example of this is the PPA 7” Reversing Mirror and 1 Camera system which can definitely work well

Easy-to-Use and Install for Safe Reversing

This type of reversing camera system is easy to install, particularly the set supplied by PPA. If you happen to choose this kind of reversing system, keep in mind that it simply clips over the existing rear view mirror. Once installed and clipped on the rearview mirror, you can easily view the screen at any time, even when driving. The camera offers a 120-degree wide angle allowing you a decent look at the surrounding environment and comes with adjustable brightness. The reversing camera comes with high-resolution and can work in highly demanding situations, which should be perfect when exploring the great outdoors or when using the vehicle for business purposes. As an added security, this specific reversing mirror with a single camera also comes with a 12-month warranty. Keep in mind that the when purchasing this kit, the price only covers the components, and installation fees are not included. You may need to contact the manufacturer for a fitment quote.


Although it may differ in design and installation with other standard reversing camera systems, the clip-on and mirror-style system also delivers the same objectives. It can offer you safety without compromise, allowing you to clearly view the back of the vehicle when towing or reversing.