Bigger Trucks and Caravan Require Complete Multiple Reversing Camera Systems

Reversing mirrors and camera systems are popular safety additions to vehicles for the right reasons. Whether in the form of mirrors or cameras, reversing tools and systems can help drivers and fleet operators improve their efficiency and safety on the road. Reversing systems can help drivers during reversing or parking in crowded areas, or in places where pedestrian traffic is hard to predict. And because vehicles come in different sizes and used for a variety of purposes, reversing camera systems are also packaged and marketed in different ways.


The most basic option for car owners is to install a one camera system that can be used to track the activities at the rear. A one-camera system is a basic addition to your car, allowing you to monitor the back of the car when reversing or when parking. Although this reversing camera set-up works for most cars, it will be a different story altogether if drivers and fleet managers operate larger vehicles. A one-camera reversing system will not become effective on larger trucks and caravans and although it may provide a view of the back, it may not be enough. For larger vehicle systems like tractors, trucks, coaches, and caravans, the best additions are larger and more comprehensive reversing systems featuring multiple cameras.

Reversing Systems with Multiple Cameras

For efficiency and improved safety, it’s better to invest in a reversing camera system with at least two cameras or PPA 7” QUAD Dash Mount Reversing 4 Camera Systemeven go for four cameras. Bigger vehicles have larger and bigger bodies, which means that a single camera may not be enough. The addition of this type of kit is especially critical for caravans. At least one camera must be installed at the back of the caravan, and another at the back of the car. This should give the driver or operator a complete look at what’s happening at the back when driving and towing the caravan. Also, the great thing about the installed camera is that it can be adjusted to capture the best angle for best results.


Complete reversing camera systems with at least two cameras may have cost more especially the ones with four cameras, but these are necessary expenses. If you are want to have a complete look at what’s happening when driving trucks or towing a caravan, then it’s best to work with multiple cameras.