Shop for a Dash Camera by Paying Attention to These Features

Adding a dash camera to your vehicle can serve as a guide and protection in case of accidents. The captured footage of the dash cam can be helpful for insurance reasons and these can be used as a form of protection when appearing in courts, or when disputing traffic tickets or violations. Also, these cameras can be helpful as well in recording all the priceless moments that can happen on the road. In short, adding a dash camera can prove to be beneficial for a number of reasons. So it’s only right that you invest in the right dash camera that can perform all basic tasks and more. Here are things to look for in a dash camera.

  • Video Quality.  This is an important factor to consider when choosing your next camera. Its role is to capture and store images, and it only makes sense that these images captured should be clear. Look for a dash camera with a higher pixel count.
  • Storage Capacity. You should always aspire for larger storage capacity for your next dash camera.  If the storage is full, the recorded footage will then start overwriting old footage which can be a problem if you are looking to collect all recorded videos.
  • GPS. This is an exciting feature in most modern dash cams since it allows you to pinpoint the exact location of the footage. This will also include the time and date of the video.
  • The number of Cameras Used. Most brands carry one or two cameras for their dash camera system. Having a secondary camera is helpful as this can be used to point out the back of the vehicle or face the inside of the car towards the passengers.
  • Design. For some vehicle owners, the design of the dash cam also matters. Since it’s always displayed on your windshield, it’s best to pick one that suits your vehicle. Look for a small dash camera for your car.

By paying attention to these features, you can easily decide on a dash cam that truly suits your needs and requirements. For more details on the different brands and features of dash cameras, you can check out the available units carried by PPA Car Audio.