Driving Safely Near Schools- Things to Remember

Driving near schools has its own set of challenges. As a driver, you have to be concerned with local traffic laws and consider the safety of school kids on the road. You know how difficult it is when driving near schools: kids may play around, and some may run while crossing the roads. These situations can be a test of patience and skills for the drivers. You don’t want to be reprimanded on the road, right? Or worse, you want to avoid injuries involving school kids due to oversight or irresponsible driving. If you are constantly driving near schools, you may want to consider the following tips and reminders.

  • You should be aware of the things happening around you. The more knowledge you have, the higher your awareness of the risks and potential hazards.  When driving near schools, it’s best to look for signs and signals. Slow down as you approach the school area and always pay attention to school children who may be walking or running on the sidewalks.
  • Use your mirrors and reversing cameras when making a turn or backing up. You need to be careful when you need to turn or reverse in school zones. To reverse safely, you need to see the danger area at the rear of the vehicle. You can get a better appreciation of this area by using your mirrors or a reversing camera. The area should be clear of any students and other vehicles when reversing.
  • Watch out for school crossing patrols. There are designated officers who are in charge of managing the traffic in these areas. Obey their signals and directions. Don’t attempt to overtake when you are driving near school zones.
  • Stick with the recommended speed limits. Remember, the speed limit is not a target that you should aspire for. The speed should be dependent on the traffic situation on the road.
  • Pay attention to parked vehicles or school buses that are picking up or transporting students. If your daily route takes you past parked or stationary school buses, remember that there’s a chance that some school children may step out into the road from behind them. Kids are known to play around, there’s a chance that someone will run towards the street. Slow down and look for visual cues like groups of children playing or walking.

Pay attention to these tips and recommendations when your route takes you areas near or around schools. With a high level of awareness and proper use of safety driving devices like reversing cameras, you can contribute in making roads safer for everyone.