Reversing Cameras and Dash Cam Fit for Street Sweepers

On-road street sweepers are regular fixtures on Australian streets. These are on-road heavy-duty vehicles that are designed to remove the dirt and other materials from the road surfaces. These materials are removed mechanically through the action of a number of brooms, or by suction. In some cases, street sweepers may use a combination of these technologies to remove the dirt and other materials on the roads.

Aside from its local street sweeping operations, these heavy-duty vehicles are also assigned to perform dead animal removal and for strip shopping center maintenance. In short, these are multi-purpose heavy duty vehicles that are helpful in keeping the streets clean and orderly.

However, these vehicles can be dangerous too especially when not fitted with the right safety equipment and warnings. These are slow-moving vehicles, but these can cause accidents and injuries as well. For this reason, it’s best to equip these vehicles with safety systems that are designed specifically for street sweeper applications. Two important additions on street sweepers that should be strongly considered are rear vision cameras and driving recorder.

Reverse Camera System for Street Sweepers

Reversing cameras are effective safety equipment additions to any type of heavy-duty vehicles. And since the street sweepers are commonly used on busy streets and complexes, it’s important that these are fitted with reverse camera systems. These cameras can help the operators observe the area directly behind the vehicles. These are helpful in addressing the rear blind spots that are often the reasons for many accidents and collisions. To get the best results, use a rear vision camera that is designed primarily for street sweepers application. PPA Car Audio carries this type of reversing camera which has been designed and tested for this kind of application. When you order this type of reversing camera, you can expect a waterproof camera and cables which suit the industry. The cameras also feature night vision that allows operators to operate the unit at night or during poor conditions.

Dash Camera for Street Sweepers

Aside from the standard reversing cameras, street sweeper operators can also benefit from the installation of a dash camera. This type of camera can record all activities and the captured footage can be useful when reviewing incidents. Just like the reversing cameras, the dash cam will also feature a night mode which allows the unit to capture images even at night. Some of the popular dash cam units available in the market are supplied by Thinkware, an award-winning brand for dash cams that is also carried by PPA Car Audio.