Parking at the Shopping Center Car Park

We all love going out with our loved ones to the shopping centers or the malls for the afternoon ice cream or pizza. We can hardly resist the temptation to visit the mall every other day. Driving is fun and comfortable, that’s why we all work extra hard to afford the car we want.

Driving to the mall or the shopping center is an easy drive that we think anybody can partake including the newbie who just graduated from driving school. However, we ignore a very important fact that we ought to take into consideration.

What to consider before parking in the shopping center car park?

  • Do not park near the shopping trolley storage area – any trolley lying around near your parking area ensure you push it away from your car or any car within the area to avoid anyone crashing it on your car.
  • Avoid parking beside a vehicle with a child seat on that side – a young child returning to the car can quickly open a door without considering how far or close your car is parked. It is also easy to hit the child whole reversing especially if you don’t have rear view cameras.
  • Avoid parking beside a large vehicle – Do not allow your view to be obstructed by a large vehicle because you will have problems leaving the parking lot.
  • Look for spots that do not attract car thieves – Do not park your car beside suspecting vehicles, overfriendly strangers or near empty parking slots.
  • Ensure your car has reversing cameras – To effectively park and leave the parking safely, ensure that your car has reversing cameras that clearly show what is behind you. The last thing you want is to run over a child, a pet or another car. Rear view cameras will ensure you enjoy a smooth drive, parking and reversing wherever you are!