Safety Considerations on the road

While traveling, it doesn’t matter what means of transport you use, your emphasis is always on how safe you are.  Nobody ever boards a plane, a ship, a boat or a train knowing very well it has mechanical problems.  Funny enough, we try that with vehicles on the roads.

We will surely know that we have a problem with our rear view mirror yet continue on the road as though everything is normal. We tend to think that the major problems are the ones that matter but the small ones that we ignore cause major accidents.

Stay safe always

To avoid traveling knowing that you are in danger of accidents at any time, it is advisable to exercise caution at all times by ensuring the following steps are keenly observed.

·       Do not use your mobile phone while driving – this is completely banned in all countries unless your phone is secured on a commercially designed holder then you can make or receive a call.

·       Use a child restraint if you have young children aboard – All children under the age of four years are expected to wear an approved child restraint while traveling in a vehicle to provide safety.

·       Ensure that all the passengers in your car wear their seatbelts – All adults should wear seat belts and the children wear their restraint.

·       Invest in reverse cameras – The rearview cameras will allow you to see a clear view of everything taking place at the back of your car.  This will help you bring safety to the road and the parking areas to avoid crashing on cyclists and pedestrians or any danger whatsoever.  You will be able to see pedestrians who wander off their pedestrian paths and cyclists as well and avoid crashing on them.

These few but important considerations will keep you and others safe on the road.