Ineffective Laws for Reversing

Most drivers if not all know that they must commit to the road use laws.  It is not an easy task to keep up with these laws and most drivers find themselves making a lot of mistakes.

Reversing, on the other hand, has a rule that has been used by almost every driver on this planet.  The GET OUT AND LOOK rule has been one of the major rules that govern the reversing in most countries.  However, a new realization of how this rule has caused many accidents dawned on many drivers.

Why it’s ineffective

The GET OUT AND LOOK rule lacks information of whatever else happens after you have already looked.  Anyone or anything that comes up behind your car after you have followed this ritual rule faces the wrath of a reversing vehicle.

Drivers should then not be held accountable in the case of any accident or incident after they have followed the rule.  You are wrong if you are thinking that, you will be fined and sentenced in the court.  The GET OUT AND LOOK rule lacks support in the fact that anyone or anything can crawl up behind you right after you check your rear and the end result we all know is a bad accident.

What’s the way forward?

The way forward is not to sit in an emergency room waiting to hear if your loved one is going to make it; it is investing in rear view cameras that clearly reflects what is on your behind without having you leave the driver’s seat.

The rearview cameras come with a monitor that is placed on the dashboard to clearly tell what is behind you.  The driver can see anyone or anything including all the blind spots before ramming or driving into them.

Reversing then becomes genuinely interesting and doable with the reverse cameras installed.  We at PPA Car Audio are here for you to advice, sell and install reverse cameras so you can enjoy your drive every day on the road!