Buying a reversing camera kit – what to look for?

What to look for when buying a reversing camera kit

Buying a reversing camera kit is one thing, but buying one that actually functions is crucial. Without knowing what items are supposed to be on the reversing camera kit you end up buying fake or missing parts.

When you are purchasing your reversing camera kit, look out for the following important features:

Angle – Always shop for a wider viewing angle. Wider angles mean lower picture quality but show clear obstructions. Do not go for narrow viewing angle, no matter how high the picture quality is.

Camera – Most rearview cameras are round and are attached in different places. Some sit on the back window or the clip in the rearview mirror while others are mounted on to the bumper bar or the license plate. The camera you choose should give you the flexibility to get the best angle. Remember whatever camera you choose, you should always keep its lens clean for clear visibility.

reversing cameras

Monitor – The larger the monitor the easier it is to see any obstructions any time of the day. Remember, this monitor is mounted on the dashboard cluttering among other things so it may not be easy to choose a larger screen. You could opt to install it on the windscreen with a suction cup or the dashboard with suction cup or sticky mount.

Reverse Camera Monitors

Wired/Wireless – Both wired and wireless kits require a hard wire to install to the reversing lights. Ensure that you get the latest quality cable that lasts longer and is water resistant. For wireless cameras ensure the hard wire is quality and from recognized manufacturers.

Reverse start – Your reverse cameras should automatically turn on when you select the reverse gear in your vehicle. Avoid all the ones that do not start automatically as that will require you to manually switch on and off every time you want to view the rear end. The probability of forgetting is very high leading to an unexpected crash.

Vital Facts about Reversing Cameras

Are you aware that in Australia, consistently one little child keeps running over by a reversing auto in the carport around their home? This is as indicated by many reviews completed to demonstrate the significance of introducing reverse cameras in a vehicle.

child safety

Why you should invest in Reversing Cameras

  • Getting a reversing camera for your vehicle is never again an extravagance rather it’s a necessity in our street users laws. This brilliant move guarantees you are free from danger, protect others and additionally appreciate reversing and parking.
  • Reverse cameras take out mishaps that happen time and again particularly when stopping or parking. 20% of the sum total of what mishaps have been accounted for to happen while turning around and can be completely dispensed with through moral obligation.
  • Enables you to unmistakably observe all the blindsides behind you in a great time to keep away from them; you don’t need to keep running into them to know they are there.

Advantages of Reversing Cameras

  • Keeps the driver secure of concentrating on the road ahead without head checks, it is not a substitute however for the driver’s alertness.
  • Enables the driver to unmistakably observe each blind side when driving any brand of a car.
  • Keeps the drivers from mishaps, innumerable mischances are caused by impact with walls, posts or even different vehicles because of an absence of clear back vision.
  • Helps the driver while parking; the back view cameras obviously demonstrates each hidden object even those that are difficult to identify with naked eyes.

Important elements of a Reversing Camera

A reversing camera accompanies two vital components. They are a rear-facing camera and a monitor in the vehicle’s cabin.

Once installed, the reverse camera system is programmed to allow it operate effectively. Once the reverse gear is selected, the system comes to life automatically giving the driver a full clear perspective of what is behind the vehicle.

Today, there is a wide assortment of the two cameras and screens to choose from that are low cost and particular for your type of vehicle.

monitor reverse camera

Reverse Camera Installation Method

Reverse Camera installation offers two options – DIY (Do It Yourself) or professional installation.

DIY Installation

Though DIY it’s a common choice, not many Australians will settle for this option because it involves connecting the so-called wireless kits that use the RF transmitters to send their signal across.  Unless you are a professional in connecting the car’s electrics you can completely mess up with the car’s power assembly.

Professional Installation

It doesn’t cost a fortune to have an expert work on your vehicle. At PPA Car Audio, we guarantee that your vehicle is factory fitted with the reversing camera as required by the requirement.

Our expert installers can integrate the camera into your current in-dash screen or better still include a substitution rear vision mirror that has an integrated LCD screen. We additionally give a guarantee of the work we do. All our items are guaranteed and have a warranty as a dedication for the services we render.

We also offer mobile fleets that will pay a visit to your home or office and install your reversing cameras.  We give our work that causes you no inconveniences at all.

Types of Reversing Camera choices

There are many choices for reverse camera systems that one can choose from.  They include:

  • Mini Butterfly Camera – this is a generally found reversing camera that is both small and universal and is best suitable for cars and all lightweight vehicles.  They are effortlessly installed leaving behind such neat finishing.
  • Heavy duty camera – these cameras are made for thorough conditions or environments that require a more robust camera. They are very good for heavy-duty vehicles and trailers.
  • Bumper camera – They are intended to be installed on the bumper of a car by drilling a hole and mounting the camera.
  • Number plate camera – They are intended to connect to the vehicle’s number plate using the already existing screws and holes.
  •  Vehicle specific camera – These cameras are intended for simple incorporation and concealment for a specific car model.

Types of Reversing Cameras

5 Types of Reversing Camera System

  • Wireless Kits
  • Rear View Mirror systems
  • Multifunctional systems
  • Dash Mount systems
  • In-dash systems

Wireless Kits

This is a very popular option but not as trusted.  Any interference with any signals can cause a great mess.  This system consists of a camera and a screen – a dash mount or a rear view mirror.  It uses a wireless transmitter to send signals to the screen.  The camera is installed to the reversing lights for power that activates the system any time the reverse gear is engaged.

wireless reversing camera

Rear View Mirror systems – This camera replaces your existing rear view mirror with one that has an integrated LCD screen that springs to action every time the reverse gear is selected.  The rear view mirror has a cable that is concealed to connect it to the power source.

Rear View Mirror systems

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Multi-functional systems – Many reversing cameras are now coming with new functional features that include GPS navigation, Bluetooth hands-free, DVD players etc.  These features can be added to any camera system whether a dash, in-dash or rear view mirror camera systems.

Multi-functional systems reversing camera

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Dash Mount systems – This system allows screens of different sizes to be mounted inside vehicles like 4WD, commercial vehicles etc.  These screens give a clear view of what is behind the vehicle from the comfort of the driver’s seat.  These screens are generally LCD screens that give the best clear images under all light conditions.  They are easily mounted on the dashboard or attached to the windshield or roof.  In big trucks and buses, they can be mounted permanently at the place where a rear view mirror is normally attached.  It should not be obvious to everyone that there is a camera installed as every cable is professionally concealed to ensure neat results.


View Dash-Mount System Reversing Camera Product

In-dash systems – Most vehicles have this kind of system fitted as a standard system.  They can be used as monitors for a rear camera system. This system consists of a specific vehicle interface that is designed to plug into the existing screen.  The camera is mounted at the rear part of the vehicle.


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Five reasons why you should consider PPA Car Audio

  • We are professionals who will offer you free advice, supply you with the choice of camera system you choose and install it.
  • All Australians can access our services from the comfort of their homes, parking or offices, all professionally installed.
  • You can learn more about reversing cameras over on our blog where we share information ranging road use safety to child safety at the parking lot and much more.
  • We offer the best customer service 24/7 to ensure your need is met as fast as we can.  We have a toll free line that makes it easy for you to reach us anytime you need our help.
  • We offer cabled camera systems that are efficient and long lasting, unlike the wireless.  Our final results are neat with no cables left hanging on the surface.