Reversing Safe at the construction site

Construction sites are known to generally pose a lot of risks to all the workers in the site.  It is for this reason that the law requires vital measures to be put in place to ensure safety is paramount.  Sometimes even with all these measures in place, there has been more danger from the heavy machinery moving to and fro.

The construction sites attract many types of vehicles from those big Lorries that bring the construction materials to the heavy machinery that lifts the heavy equipment.  Without proper planning of the construction site, there could be adverse damage from all these vehicles coming in and out.

Many workers have been knocked down or ran over by these vehicles as they reversed.  These are accidents that though they are reducing must be put to a complete end.  Companies have lost enough people to make them stop and reflect on what they are doing wrong.

Though they are accidents, sure enough, there is a way to reduce these accidents to a zero point with proper planning and careful implementation.

How to stop the accidents from a reversing heavy vehicle

  • Keep the construction site clean and well arranged – There is so much going on on this site that you cannot afford to leave it unarranged.  Sites carry lots of materials and tools that can be hazardous to the existence of the workers.  They should be well arranged to allow space and knowledge of where required items should be found.

Reversing safe – This only guaranteed safety of reversing is installing rearview cameras on your heavy machinery to ensure you can see all the blind spots, things or people on your way.  Ensure that vehicles coming into your site have these safety gadgets that will be a saver for your workers.  With the driver’s site enabled, he can easily see who and what is on his way and avoid ramming into them.