Choosing a favorable parking slot

Parking our vehicles is almost an obvious thing until we realize it is not common sense to everyone.  When choosing a parking slot for your vehicle, we ought to realize that our wisdom is needed to accomplish our mission.

Considerations to make when choosing a parking slot

  • You need to know if the parking slot is safe and legal before you park in it.  Check out for signs that inform you whether the parking is open to the public or not such as loading zone, no stopping zones, no parking zones, clearway zones etc.
  • Be cautious of forbidden parking places that cause you to block the safe flow of traffic.
  • Do not park on the emergency lane of the freeway unless you are driving an ambulance.
  • Keep the minimum parking distance that is required or else your car risk being towed away or you receive a heavy fine.
  • Once you are sure you have a parking slot, park like a pro to avoid crashing on other cars or parking outside the required space.  This is where many struggles to view both sides and ensure they are well parked.  Reverse cameras come in handy for this activity allowing you to park without using your mirrors as they can lie too much to your human eyes.
  • Once you are parked, remember to lock your car as you leave the parking to keep your car safe from theft.  Check all your doors to ensure the lock I working fine and then proceed to your places of interest.
  • When disembarking, you will need to be careful not to crash other vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists by using your rearview cameras that allow you to view your rear view from the comfort of your dashboard.

·       Slowly leave the parking at a low speed to ensure you are safe and everyone around you.