Reverse Parallel Parking

Reverse parallel parking is not an easy technique to learn.  It is one of the major requirements of drivers all over the world to have learned this skill before they obtain their driver’s license.  Even with many getting it right for their driving exams, most do not ever use the skill again because it is difficult.

They would rather find another parking slot rather than attempt to reverse Parallel Park.  With good practice and a car in good condition, it is not hard to use this skill.

Step by step on how to reverse Parallel Park

  • Stop at about a meter away from the parked vehicle on its front side.  Select reverse gear, cancel all the indicators.  Remember to signal your intention with your reversing lights.
  • Start reversing slowly but surely until the rear window is in line with the rear parked vehicle.  While moving slowly, turn hard until your vehicle reaches 45 degrees and the start to straighten out the steering wheel as required.  Remember to always give way to all the traffic approaching from behind you.
  • Be aware that as you turn your car, the front corner will trace a wider path into the flow of traffic.
  • Do not park closer than a meter from other vehicles or you will be boxed in.  Ensure that your park brakes and gears are all correctly used while parking.
  • Ensure that you look around your vehicle before you disembark from the parking lot so that you don’t run over anyone or anything back there.
  • To save the situation, simply install reverse cameras in your vehicle to allow you see the rear view clearly and avoid any blind spots or crashes.

·       It will be very easy to Reverse Parallel Park with your reverse cameras because you won’t need to do head checks or use your rear view mirrors which do not give actual details.