Use your Reversing Cameras the Right Way By Following These Steps

A reversing camera is one of the most important devices that you can add to your car. Once installed, the camera will capture images in the surroundings and these will be displayed in the monitor that can be used by drivers as a guide when driving, parking, or making a turn. But it doesn’t mean that you should leave it all to the reversing cameras if you are out driving or doing a reverse. The quality and benefits of the device ultimately depend on how well you use it. So if you truly want to take advantage of this safety add-on, it’s best that you know how to use it.

First Things First

1. Although the reversing camera can help, it cannot substitute your eyes. It’s still highly recommended to look around over your shoulders and use the side mirrors when attempting to reverse.
2. The reversing camera will be activated instantly when you engage in reverse.
3. Once you put the vehicle in reverse, you should check the monitor and use the lines as a guide when parking.

Familiarize Yourself with the Monitor/Display

An understanding of how the reversing camera works is critical if you want to take advantage of it. Before you even use the camera, it’s recommended that you are familiar with the cameras and monitors, and you can make sense of what you see on the screen. In a standard reversing monitor, the yellow lines are for trajectory, and the blue square is for distance.

Use the Lines

You can turn the wheel and you can observe the movement of the lines rendered on the monitor. This should serve as your guide when parking your vehicle. If you turn the wheel, the yellow lines will be parallel to the parking space. You will also a blue line that will line up with the parking space. This indicates that you are moving or parking in the right direction. You can continue parking the car until such time that the blue line is now inside the parking lines.