Reduce Motor Vehicle Collisions and Protect Your Business from Wrongful Blame By Adding a Video Event Recorder

When it comes to road safety, the video event recorders are often not found on top of the shopping list of many. However, researches and the recommendations from top regulatory agencies reveal a different story. According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), video event recorders are important additions to any vehicle and can go a long way in reducing the incidence of accidents and promoting safety on the road. The Board even listed these safety devices on its Most Wanted List (of top safety technologies) for vehicles. It even pushed for its use and adoption in a series of seminars that highlight the importance of video event recorders when it comes to safety and in exonerating operators from wrongful blame.

Captured Video Is Helpful in Reports and Investigations

The NTSB has been supporting the use of video event recorders since 2010.  The use of video event recorders or dash cameras makes sense for a number of reasons, including its ability to help prevent crashes and injuries.  For example, the captured video can be helpful during highway investigations. The captured videos can be used to determine probable cause and actions surrounding the vehicles and can be helpful as well in determining the actions and alertness of the operator.

There are two types of cameras that can work for vehicles- the inward-facing cameras and the outward-facing video cameras. The inward-facing cameras can be used to assess how the operator reacted to the accident and to determine the actions that he took to avoid the collision. For this reason, it’s critical that fleet managers and owners should install dash cameras. These safety devices don’t just capture the action on the road; cameras are also designed to capture the actions and reactions of the drivers.  The inward-facing lens can help protect the business (and the operator) from blame or even potential cases

Reliable Eyewitness for Commercial Motor Vehicles

There are instances when the captured videos can be helpful in establishing the real story of why an accident happened. Videos can be used to determine the sequence of events leading to the accident, thus giving investigators a more accurate analysis and insight on why the accident happened and who is at fault. And when the complaints are transferred into the courtroom, the captured videos can serve as compelling evidence that can help all parties involved.