Best Features to Consider When Checking Out a New Reversing Camera for the Caravan

Adding a reversing camera to your caravan is one of the biggest safety investments that you can make. With a fully functional reversing camera, reversing and guiding the caravan are made easier. We all know that it’s difficult enough to get your head around reversing a car while using the back window or rear-view mirror. But with a caravan, it’s a whole different story. When reversing a caravan, there’s no rear window for you to look out and the vehicle is much longer, thus making the task of reversing or backing up more challenging. This is where the reversing cameras can help. It makes reversing easier thus helping prevent accidents and promoting safe caravanning along the way. But when it comes to shopping for a reversing camera, you should not just buy a kit for the sake of owning one. Of course, there are some features that you should consider when it comes to buying the right reversing camera for your caravan. When safety and efficiency matters, you need to consider the following features:

1. Make it a two-camera reversing system. This should be your minimum requirement when shopping for a reversing camera kit for a caravan. One camera should be pointed at the traffic behind you for use when driving. It should provide you with a field of view behind you starting about 5 meters from the back of the vehicle. The second focuses down at the bumper and lets you check the bumper to about 3 meters behind the caravan.

2. Go for a wired reversing camera. A wireless reversing camera may be neat to look at but it requires you to aim the transmitter and receiver at each other. Also, this may result in interference which can affect the performance of the reversing camera system.

3. Go for high-resolution color reversing cameras with audio. The clarity in images is mandatory when it comes to displays. Also, you need to check out the audio feature so that you can easily hear the instructions and warnings.

These are just some pointers that you should consider when shopping for a reversing camera system. By carefully considering the options and features available online, you can easily find a reversing camera kit that’s appropriate for your needs.