Dash and Window Mount Systems for Heavy Trucks and Buses

Reversing camera systems and monitors can be installed in different ways depending on the type of vehicle and driver requirements. The most common is the rear view mirror systems which work best for drivers who don’t want to change or modify the existing dash. Instead, the existing rearview mirrors are fitted with an LCD screen that’s activated once the vehicle goes in reverse. Another popular type of reversing camera is the dash and window mount systems which comes in varying sizes and mounted inside the vehicle to provide drivers with a clear view of the rear.

How the dash mount systems are installed

Dash mount systems as the name suggests are often mounted on the dash or these can be attached to the roof or to the windshield. In coach buses and trucks, these reverse camera systems can be fitted permanently where the rear view mirrors are often attached. The kit will come with an LCD monitor and cables that will connect to the cameras. Most of the dash mount systems that are available today are rated against dust and water, and recommended for heavy-duty application. However, it’s best that these systems are installed by a professional to ensure that there are no damages to the vehicle and the cables are completely concealed.

Why should you pick this system?

If you are driving a larger vehicle or a commercial truck, then a bigger screen with better rear visibility is recommended. These types of camera systems often come with larger monitors measuring 7” and can be detachable as well. Its placement can be configured as well to help generate better visibility for the driver. Your only concerns with these units are  that they are ‘too clunky’ and may take a lot of dash space. Also, you may need to look down every time you make a turn or reverse.