Rear View Mirror Systems as a Smart Alternative to In-Dash Systems

Reversing camera systems come in different design configurations and can work for a variety of purposes and needs. The most popular options for many drivers is the in-dash systems where cameras can be integrated into existing monitors in the dash. These reversing camera systems will often come with vehicle-specific interface which is designed to be plugged into the existing screen, and the cameras are mounted at vehicle’s rear. There are also aftermarket in-dash systems which can replace the standard car stereo. However, not everyone wants to change or modify the interior of their vehicles, particularly the dash. If this is your concern, then a rearview mirror system is the most recommended reversing camera system for your vehicle.

As the most popular type of aftermarket reversing camera system, it can replace the existing rearview mirror with an integrated LCD screen that appears when you reverse. This is automatically activated as soon as you engage the reverse gear and will provide you with a clear digital view from the behind of the car. A perfect example of this is the 4.3 inches Car Rear View Mirror Monitor which can be ordered from Reverse Safe online. This is designed like your normal rear view mirror but it contains a hidden high-resolution 4.3” LCD display that is automatically activated and provides the driver a look at what’s happening at the back.

For this mirror system to work, it needs power which is supplied through the use of a concealed cable in the installed system or using a cable connected to the cigarette lighter. For a more discrete solution, you may want to work with a company that can professionally install the system.

Why this reversing camera system works

This type of reversing camera is best if you don’t want to compromise the looks of the car’s interior. Drivers will not worry about additional clutter on the dash, and the screen is comfortably positioned next to the mirror for easy ‘eyes up operation’. If this type of comfort and convenience matters, the rearview mirror system will serve as the best option for your vehicle.