Car Bluetooth Rear View Mirror Monitor with Reverse Camera- A Safety Combo for the Busy Drivers

Technologies and innovation in the auto industry help promote safer roads for everyone involved. From collision avoidance, reversing, and braking systems, all these are changing the way drivers use their vehicles not just for their passengers but also for the pedestrians on the road.

But more than safety, some of the leading technologies help create products that can also help boost convenience and productivity while helping promote safety on the road. A perfect example of this combo is a car Bluetooth mirror monitor with reverse camera. This product package comes with a high-resolution reversing camera, and a Bluetooth hands-free car kit and a mirror that’s fitted with a built-in speaker and external microphone.

Smart and Safer Reversing at All Times

A rear view mirror monitor is considered a smart addition to your car which can help when backing up. For example, this 4.3-inch rear view ‘’Smart Mirror’ is designed like a regular rear view mirror but it will instantly transform into a monitor as soon as you put your car on the reverse. This side mirror comes with a 4.3-inch LCD display which is instantly activated on the reverse. When installed, you instantly provided with crystal clear images from behind your car thus making you informed and responsible when reversing. Also, the unit will instantly adjust for the brightness to suit the environment.

Productivity On-the-Go

By adding a Bluetooth hands-free kit, you get the chance to attend to your business even when backing up or driving. The rearview mirror comes with a built-in speaker and microphone that will allow you to talk to a client or a colleague even when driving.

This feature is easy to use and activated immediately once you open the Bluetooth mirror. You will know its ready when it says ‘Bluetooth Ready’. To connect the last device used, simply long press the ‘Power’ key. If it’s your first time to connect a smartphone, simply turn on the Bluetooth of your phone, search, and connect with the Bluetooth mirror. Answering a call when driving is also made easier. If you receive an incoming call, just short press the ‘Power’ button.

This product combo is all you need if you are always on-the-go and you want smart assistance on the road.