Reversing Cameras for your SUV- Options Available

Reversing cameras, or backup cameras, once fitted mostly on upscale makes and models, are becoming quite common. The surge in popularity of these safety and driving devices is understandable. In the United States, a law has been passed that all new cars sold starting 2018 should feature the backup cameras. The result is an ongoing campaign by designers and manufacturers to design new SUVs in the market that include backup cameras as a standard. Some of the most popular SUVs that are now fitted with backup cameras are the 2017 Cadillac XT5, 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe and the 2017 Ford Escape.  

Backup cameras are extremely helpful SUVs owing to their large built. With its larger bodies, the driver’s sight of the rear view can be obscured. For many SUV drivers, operating the vehicle requires an extra effort to get a clear view of the rear and the sides of the vehicle. But with this latest issuance, manufacturers are now adding backup cameras as a standard.  In other countries, the move to incorporate backup cameras is driven primarily by the need for increased safety and convenience. This is primarily true for owners of ‘older SUVs’ that are not fitted with backup cameras. In an effort to promote improved visibility, vehicle owners rely on aftermarket cameras.

From Reversing Mirror Kit to a 4-Camera System

There are different kinds of camera systems that can work for vehicles like SUVs and they differ in terms of design, display size, and the number of cameras used. A straightforward option for many drivers is the reversing mirror kit with one camera to capture the action on the rear of the vehicle. Instead of a screen display, the images are shown on the detachable mirror. A popular option for many drivers is the 2-camera system. Designed for heavy-duty application, this backup camera system allows better coverage of the side and the rear. Finally, drivers can also opt for the 4-camera system which comes with a separate display. Thanks to its 4 cameras, this system is designed for heavy-duty applications including trucks, buses, and heavy machinery.

All of these systems are helpful in providing drivers with a view of the rear. Your choice should always depend on your driving requirements and personal preferences. A reversing mirror kit with one camera is a basic option but for a more complete reversing solution for SUVs, you may want to get a reversing camera kit with a separate display on the dash.