Wireless Parking Sensor Kit- Complete Reversing and Parking Solution for Your Caravan

Wireless parking and reversing sensors are helpful and cost-effective additions to your caravan if you are thinking about safety and convenience. Sensor kits use ultrasonic and wireless technology to create and transmit alerts. When properly installed in your vehicle and caravan, the wireless parking sensor kit can serve as a helpful assistant when it comes to driving, parking, and reversing.

Wireless sensors can serve as your reliable parking assistants which can guide your movements. In most designs of the parking sensors, if an object or obstruction is within eight feet, you will receive a digital warning. This warning alert will transform into alarm sounds if your caravan moves into a danger zone.

These accessories can also increase your caravan’s visibility.  The kit can be installed securely to the rear bumper and it comes with sensors, display unit, and a wireless control box. Through the use of ultrasonic technology, the wireless parking sensors can automatically detect the distance between your caravan and rear obstructions. The kit often comes with a digital display that will inform you of the distance or the direction of the objects.

Wireless Sensor from PPA Car Audio

The actual features and capabilities of the wireless parking sensor will depend on the model of the kit. But if you are looking for a reliable wireless kit for your caravan or motorhome, then the wireless parking sensor kit from PPA Car Audio can work. As a wireless sensor kit, you don’t need to worry about a complex installation procedure. What you need to do is to complete the wiring that runs between the LED display and the control unit.

The PPA LED display should be attached to the dashboard once you connect to the caravan. As soon as you park or reverse your caravan, the wireless sensors are automatically engaged and will instantly send signals to the display. And since this wireless sensor from PPA covers four zones of detection, you can be sure that you are confidently aware of the obstructions and hazards at the back and on the sides of your caravan!