Vehicle Safety Devices and Systems that Can Help Senior Drivers

As one grows older, certain skills and capabilities are ‘diminished’, putting one at risk of certain accidents and problems. Just take the case of driving- age and the condition of one’s health can impact the driving skills and the safety of everyone on and off the road. Some of the problems that may slow down senior drivers are poor vision and slow reflexes. But it doesn’t mean that they should not be allowed to take the wheel anymore just because they are no longer in their 40s or 50s. Yes, you can still extend their driving years provided you gave them access to the right auto aids and new driving safety technology products. Here are some recommended safety accessories and systems that can be added to their vehicles to keep them safe and empowered when on the road.

Reversing cameras or backup aids

To help increase his visibility on the road when backing up or reversing, then you can add a basic reversing mirror. This is an oversized rear view mirror that can be attached to an existing mirror to widen his visibility and reduce blind spots. With this safety accessory, drivers may no longer have to drastically rotate their body just to get a quick look of the rear or surrounding areas.


Another popular option is the installation of a reversing camera. Reversing camera is primarily designed for PPA 7” Dash Mount Reversing 2 Camera Systemcommercial and industrial use, but these can be used in family service vehicles as well to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers. Some of the best-reversing cameras out in the market feature a night vision camera and designed to be weatherproof. Once the car has been engaged in reverse, the system will automatically send live pictures or images to a monitor that is installed on the dashboard.

Other safety products and technologies

Kenwood-Drive-Assist-CameraFor additional safety when driving, you may also want to consider the advanced options and safety technologies that are available in the market. For example, you can add the collision warning/lane departure device. This is another smart camera that can be installed to the car’s windshield and will alert the driver if the car goes fast, moves away from the lane or get close to another vehicle or pedestrian. There are also dashboard cameras that can be added in the car which costs less than the complex reversing camera systems.