Top Features to Look for in Reversing Camera Systems for Caravans

When it comes to caravanning, Australians certainly know how to travel and enjoy. This can be seen in the growing reversing camera system caravans sales of caravans, and the kinds of people who get into this recreational activity. As of 2016, the Australian caravanning industry is now worth $19 billion, and a growing number of people from different walks of life and age groups are getting into the lifestyle. Gone are the days when the caravanning lifestyle is just the domain of the ‘grey nomads’; today, the caravanning lifestyle involves individuals and young professionals who are 20- to 54-year old. And what is more interesting about this development is that roughly 90 percent of all camping and caravanning activities are undertaken in regional areas, thus promoting local and regional growth.

Unfortunately, its growing popularity has also led to the growing concern on safety on and off the roads. Accidents 7inch Dash Mount MDVR Reversing 4 Camera Systemhappen, and a significant portion of this is linked to reversing. Although these are inherent risks in caravanning, it should be kept in mind that safety solutions are in place. For example, nomads and adventure-seekers can install a reversing camera system for caravans. It comes in different designs and configurations, but you can’t go wrong with these if you pay attention to the following features:

Offers a night vision, with at least 10 LED rating. A night vision-capable reversing camera will prove helpful for travelers and drivers who take on the road any time.

Wide viewing angle. The idea behind owning a reversing camera is to give you a better and wider view of the road. With this in mind, you want to make sure that the camera has a wider viewing angle, preferably offering at least 90-degree viewing angle. While you can also find reversing cameras with 210-degree viewing angles, these are no longer practical.

All-in-one kits. While reversing cameras can be purchased individually, it would be best to purchase a whole kit, complete with cameras, LCD monitoring, connectors and cables and mounting equipment. And if you are lucky, most providers will also be thrown incomplete guidance when it comes to installation and maintenance.

Fully integrated. It would be better if the reversing camera system is completely integrated into the system, and will be automatically activated as soon as your caravan is put in reverse.

Durable. The reversing camera system should be ready for the tests of the road at all times. If possible, look for an IP67-rated camera that’s water-resistant. Since the caravan will explore the great outdoors, you only want the best reversing camera systems that can stand the test of the environment.

These are just some of the general requirements that you need to keep in mind when looking for a reversing camera system for your caravan. Since you are always out on the road and exploring the great outdoors, you only want the best and most reliable help you can get. And adding a high-quality reversing system is definitely a great start in keeping your family safe on and off the road.