Mobile Digital Recorders as Critical Investments in the Freight Sector

Just like the public transport system, the freight sector is also considered as one of the drivers of the economy. This is the go-to service when it comes to the delivery of essential goods and packages to convenient locations. Businesses rely on freight to move their supplies and products, and individual consumers will often work with the sector to send packages to remote locations. While the service offered is highly critical and sought-after, the perception of the vehicles used is often poor. Due to the size of the trucks used, the public sees these as dangerous machines that can dominate the roads and cause collisions and congestion along the way. This perception is of course with basis- heavy goods vehicles (HGV) like the ones used in the freight industry are known for their vast size and extensive blind spots. Since HGVs are larger and longer, drivers may find it difficult seeing and observing the rear and the sides thus increasing the risk of collision and reversing accidents on the road.

What are the Common Incidents in this Sector?

Aside from potential collisions, this sector is also known for a number of costly incidents:

  • Reversing accidents due to blind spots or when workers or pedestrians not seeing the trucks
  • Collisions due to maneuvering in tight parking spaces
  • Collisions with cyclists in intersections or when the vehicles are making a turn
  • Trucks running people over due to the failure to apply the handbrake
  • Loads being stolen by third parties or even staff
  • Truck vandalism
  • False insurance claims

These are serious concerns for the operators and problems that should be addressed immediately. The good news is that there are appropriate safety equipment and devices that can be installed on HGVs that can help address the common incidents in this sector. Mobile digital recording cameras and reversing cameras for HGVs are two of the most popular and efficient add-ons.

The mobile digital recording cameras are helpful additions to HGVs as these can capture CCTV images, event data and can even capture the behavior of drivers on the road. When it comes to management, the captured images can even work against false claims.

Reversing cameras on the other hand offer real-time solutions for drivers who are making a turn or attempting to make a reverse. When properly installed, it can boost the drivers’ visibility of the rear thus promoting safe reversing and parking every time.

These two products should serve as a standard installation in HGVs when there’s a need to prevent accidents or promote safety. These are also available in different design and configurations that can easily meet the specific demands of the drivers or fleet managers.