Increasing Visibility for Heavy Equipment Units

Increasing visibility of heavy equipment vehicles like excavators and forklifts are now mandatory thanks to increasing concern for safety and productivity in the workplace. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), seeing and being seen are critical prerequisites when it comes to promoting the safety of everyone on the road. If vehicles have poor visibility, then there’s a big chance that road crashes and accidents may happen, putting a strain on the resources and health of everyone involved. For this reason, project managers and concerned individuals should pay extra attention to the recommended lighting, accessories and other products that can promote visibility on different kinds of vehicles, heavy equipment included.

Be seen using lights and reflectors

One of the best strategies to be seen when operating heavy equipment vehicles is to use lights and reflectors. In many countries including Australia and New Zealand, the use of these products is highly recommended and now part of regulations to ensure safety in the workplace. Some of the popular lights and reflectors that are used are white or ambler headlights and forward-facing side lamps, red brake lights and tail lights, red rear reflectors and white rear registration plate light.

Another option is to use the retro-reflective material on the body of the vehicles and heavy equipment units. The reflective material can reflect the other motorists’ lights back to the vehicle and can also improve visibility. In order for these materials to become effective, these reflective ‘conspicuity tape’ should be clean and measure at least 50 mm wide.

See clearly when operating the heavy equipment units

Drivers must also see clearly when operating heavy equipment and other heavy trucks. This can be done by using a reversing camera system that’s specifically designed for trucks, buses and heavy machinery. These units are designed for heavy-duty use, with cables that can easily withstand harsh conditions. Also, cables and cameras are waterproof and sealed for safety allowing operators to see the surroundings even in the most demanding situations.