In-Mirror Monitors- Smart Solutions for Reversing

Reversing camera systems are available in different brands and offered in various design configurations. Most reversing camera systems are available in 2-camera and 4-camera configurations, and some are often partnered with a mobile digital video recorder. Although these cameras are advertised as heavy-duty cameras, it doesn’t automatically mean that these systems can work for all makes and models. These reversing camera systems are best fitted on caravans, pick-up trucks, and larger heavy machinery.

But smaller vehicles like sedans and compact cars, a different type of reversing camera system is recommended. If you are looking at cost-efficiency and ease-of-use, then the best option is to install in-mirror monitors. Compared to its heavy-duty counterparts, the in-mirror monitors are considered most effective and efficient for compact and small car applications.

In-Mirror Monitors Simplify Reversing on the Road

Compared to other reversing camera system options, the in-mirror monitors are discreet and can provide drivers with a comfortable view of the road. These monitors are in the natural line of sight between each of the door mirrors, thus allowing drivers a seamless way to look at the road and the surroundings. These monitors are available in different sizes but its main design feature is for it to fit in the mirrors. For example, the 4.3″ Rear-View Mirror Monitor Clip Over Type from Reverse Safe is designed to conveniently pick on the mirror. And when you select the reverse gear, a part of the screen will be activated to show what the camera can see. And when not in reverse, it will appear as a normal tinted mirror.

If this is what your car needs, then you should know that there are two options available- the replacement and the clip-on type. The replacement type is highly recommended if the car has a compatible windscreen mounting. And the clip-on on will simply clip over an existing mirror. Whatever type is selected, you can easily count on an in-mirror monitor as a smart reversing assistant that can keep you safe on the road.