Here’s How to Keep Your Caravan Road-Worthy

Compared to a decade a ago, Australian roads today now boasts a larger number of caravans and related vehicles. This surge in sales in caravans indicate a growing trend towards the caravanning and camping lifestyle. With a caravan as the main vehicle of choice for outdoor activities, families and groups of friends can count on freedom and flexibility as they roam and explore the great outdoors. Also, caravans and motorhomes are known to retain their market values remarkably well, which can serve as future investments for individuals. These are just some of the reasons why the sales of caravans are increasing, and the caravanning and camping lifestyle is popular. While the appeal of the caravan can’t be denied, it isn’t recommended that you simply drive off your preferred vehicle to a distant location without considering its ‘readiness’ for the road. As a responsible and passionate owner of a caravan, it pays to keep your caravan road-worthy not just for convenience but for safety purposes as well. Here’s how you can keep your caravan in check.reversing camera system for caravans

Regular checks to make on your caravan

Before it can be towed on the road, you should make sure that it’s ready for the road. Here are some checkup tips that should be completed before finalizing a road trip:

Safety chains and coupling should be in good condition

Be sure to check the external lights and brakes if these are in good condition

Also, the bearings, wheels, and tyres should be subject to checkup. This is a necessary step especially if the caravan was not used for a long period of time.

If you are not unsure and unskilled to complete these checkups, you can let a professional mechanic do the work.

Make sure that your chosen vehicle is ready to tow the caravan

Not all cars can be used to tow the caravan. Here are some things you should check or cover to ensure that your caravan and the car is a perfect mix:

A car should have enough power to tow the caravan

It should be serviced on a regular basis, with a good mechanical condition

A car should feature a great rear vision when the caravan is attached. You also need the services of a reversing camera specifically designed for caravans for a complete look at the rear when reversing

Offers the right tow bar appropriate for the type and weight of the caravan. If you are unsure what tow bar to use, you can always work with manufacturers for guidance

A few checks here and there can make your caravan road-worthy. Remember these steps are not just for your personal safety and convenience; it’s your own share in keeping the roads safer for everyone.