Caravan Reversing Systems, Sensors & Cameras

Even with extended or auxiliary mirrors, you may not be able to see what is following you when towing a caravan. With this caravan reversing system/sensors you will not only be able to see what is following to your caravan, you will also be able to see when reversing the caravan on to a pitch and there is the extra bonus of a reversing camera for your tow vehicle. Rear view mirrors are essential and a legal requirement, but noticed some huge advantages with a rear view camera. On roads, you can tell if there is anyone speeding up behind you, especially useful if waiting to make a right turn. Better still, if you need to pull out to overtake on the motorway, you can be sure you are in the clear. Incidentally, some people believe that, because it is illegal to watch TV when driving, the same applies to a rear view monitor. It does not. The law specifically allows for views of the vehicle or the road.

There’s a huge range of caravan gadgets on the market designed to make life on the road that little bit easier. A caravan reversing Systems/Sensors is a nifty piece of kit that has both practical and safety benefits.

The most advanced models operate using wireless technology transmitting images from a rear-mounted camera to a monitor on the dashboard.

The rear-view camera shows the driver exactly what’s going on behind the caravan to help inform driving maneuvers, and avoid nasty bumps and scrapes. The camera can also be positioned on the rear of the tow car to help guide the driver when the time comes to hitch the caravan up to the tow ball.

Normally, caravan reversing Systems/Sensors offers a weatherproof camera with anti-shake filters for a more stable picture. The flat screen colour monitor, adjustable mounting brackets, and camera are offered for a cheaper price as a self-fit package. Some caravan reversing Systems/Sensors now comes with a ‘multi-camera’ option which allows the driver set up multiple cameras and switch between different views. Particularly useful if the driver wants to get a view of the hitch, and the rear-view without having to move the camera. Another caravan reversing Systems/Sensors come with wireless option. It offers a digital wireless (DW) system, which is reportedly interference free and can be run at the same time as other wireless and Bluetooth devices.

If you decide to fit a reversing camera it could be worth notifying your insurance company in case they offer a discount for having the extra safety device installed.

Improve your safety when reversing – 7″ Reversing Monitor plus a Reversing Camera for the rear of your car and one more camera behind your caravan or trailer.

Remove the risk of unseen obstacles that can’t be seen in your rearview mirror.

Either one can be seen whilst driving, you can alternate between the two cameras by simply pressing a button on the screen.

The camera behind the caravan has a built-in microphone so when someone screams to stop you can hear them inside the car.

Both cameras have night vision, so there is no problem reversing at night.

The screen comes with a suction mount and an upright bracket so you can secure it to your car. This system uses a 4 pin wiring system which is extremely durable.

We have a wide range of cameras to suit your reversing system for caravan, truck, trailer or float.