Boosting Safety in the Road Freight Transport Industry

The freight transport industry is a critical component of any economy in different parts of the world. With freight transport, businesses and even private entities can count on a fast movement of merchandise and commodities from one location to the next. And in the delivery of logistics solutions, companies involved in the industry tap the services of hard working drivers and assistants who operate the different types of trucks popular in the business like articulated trucks, rigid trucks, tipper and fuel tankers. These are the go-to vehicles for deliveries and the ones that truly make the road freight transport industry a reliable business for different stakeholders.

However, the same assets can also become a liability especially if these are not properly operated, or when drivers are known to operate these in an irresponsible manner. Just like other types of businesses, logistics are also known for certain risks, like falls from heights and injuries sustained during manual tasks when handling freight. But more than these risks, drivers and operators of trucks also face another challenge on the road- reversing accidents. Because large trucks are known for bigger blind spots, drivers will find it more difficult to see the surroundings, thus increasing the risks for injuries and accidents, particularly reversing accidents. If these are common problems for your business, consider making smart moves by adding safety systems and accessories, like a reversing camera system that work as a reversing aid.

Here are some things that you will get if you boost the safety features of the fleet of trucks for logistics.


*Offers improved visibility, and promotes better operation

*Reduced fleet downtime related to accidents in the workplace

*Reduced accidents and costs associated with repairs and hospitalization of workers

*Satisfies Health and Safety requirements

Adding reversing aids like cameras and HD monitors may be an extra expense for the management, but it can actually make the business safer and more profitable along the way. With reversing cameras and other similar safety aids, it definitely helps promote a seamless operation and protect all stakeholders involved.