Volkswagen Golf Mk7 CarPlay / Android Auto Infotainment headunit

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Composition Media & AppConnect

supports Android Auto & Apple CarPlay

For commercial vehicles:




Image 8 - RCD330 RCD340G RCD440 Autoradio NONAME CarPlay Android Auto Für VW Golf Jetta

FOR THOSE AMAROK / CADDY / TRANSPORTER models built after 2016 / MY17:

From 2017 the VW have changed the layout of the main harness for commercial vehicles.

Hence It’s highly recommended to purchas this along with the headunit, if your vehicle has been made after 2017,

otherwise It won’t fit.

If you aren’t sure, best to check the back of headunit in your vehicle – VIN won’t tell.


For those vehicles with Idle Engine On / Off

The feature itself won’t damage the headunit, however in terms of usage within CarPlay / Android Auto,

It will go through constant connect / disconnect of the phone and audio’s sync

Which may result an error down the track, hence It’s best to use without the Idle Engine feature.


Each camera option will come with a Relay.

It will provide the smart parking view – the rear sight will still be on the screen when you put the car from Reverse to Drive / park, for certain time

*Badge camera is only compatible with Golf Mk5/Mk6 and Passat sedan / CC

**Trunk handle camera won’t fit to Caddy with a barn door.

*Camera Compatibility:

If the original camera have a moving guidline function, the camera adapter won’t be compatbile.

It’s somewhat safe to say that most of those VW’s original reverse cameras are not copmatible with the RCD360PRO.

Having said that, It will need an adapter to convert video source, or probably the best to install a new one.

Remember that this particular headunit was designed for those older gen models those didn’t even have the camera

as an optional accessories from factory.

* This unit does not support Front Camera Installation nor conversion.


– Although our system is fairly DIY and do not need of additional coding if this unit gets fitted without any further accessories or upgrade, We’d still recommend you to get it fitted by
proper auto electrician, for proper performance.

– If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email.

– This unit comes with CarPlay and Android auto.


*Price does not include installation.
*We do not offer support for DIY installation.
*We advise professional installation.

Refund / Warranty and Replacement:
We provide 12 months warranty for our products.

And from the day of receiving the system, you must inform us if you’d like to refund or claim for Warranty replacement within 7 days, along with reason of request.

For the replacement, in event of our product needs to be replaced to a new system, we request to return the product to us, at buyer’s cost.

And once we receive the system we will commence testing and firmware update for the system if required – It will take up to 1-2 days.

Up on simple update fix / replacement confirmed , will dispatch it back to customer at our cost.

Yet we always do a pre-testing prior to dispatch in first place, to minimize this kind of event.

For the Refund / Return:

Condition / Duration & Restock fee
1 – 7 Days14 – 30 DaysOver 30 Days
Product not opened / Not usedFull refund ex.shipping.Up to 5% of restock fee depends on conditionWe don’t accept return
Product that has been installed*
(Product warranty still applies)
Up to 20% of restock fee,
depends on condition.
We don’t accept refund request, yet we do provide
warranty service.
We don’t accept return
Once we receive the product back to us, we will test the unit with our system to check whether it has been used or not – via checking If It stored Car’s Data signal.

Also, the Refund will be strictly based on ‘product price’, we do not provide refund for shipping / Installation labor etc.

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