Sony XS-162GS 6.5 inch 2-way Component Speakers


Upgrade to compact component speakers


Meet the XS-162GS, our high-grade step-up from your factory speakers. A composite polypropylene cone woofer provides full-bodied bass, while the separate silk soft-dome tweeter delivers smooth and natural details, turning your journey into a real audio experience.


Composite polypropylene cone woofer

A durable polypropylene diaphragm delivers deep bass, while suppressed peaks and dips in the mid and high frequencies ensure smooth integration with the tweeter.

Foam rubber surround

The woofer surround material is made of foam rubber, manufactured with an air-filled matrix structure that is light-weight and durable, providing optimal damping characteristics for responsive bass notes.

Silk soft-dome tweeter

Based on technology developed for our premium speaker designs, the soft-dome tweeter boasts a flat frequency response and wider dispersion. In addition, its silk diaphragm contributes to natural and smooth sound with good internal loss.

The newly designed angle mounts and surface mount adaptors assure flexible installation in various types of vehicles for the best acoustic results.

Progressive height rate spider

The acoustically-optimised spider allows for higher power handling and airflow, with a profile designed for more rapid and precise cushioning of the speaker cone.

Phase plug with a Dynamic Air Diffuser

The resonance damping phase plug on the XS-162GS woofer helps realise the ideal frequency response, right up to the crossover point with the matched tweeters. The integrated Dynamic Air Diffuser ensures efficient air circulation for smooth cone travel and cooling of the voice coil.

Easy installation

The smaller tweeter chassis and shallow woofer basket decrease physical interference with factory grilles. The in-line crossover networks enable easy wiring realising installation in a wider variety of vehicles.

Environment in mind

Our products are not only designed to be stylish but also with the environment in mind. For the individual packaging of the XS-162GS, 98% of the cushions are made of paper materials, and compared to the prior model, printed information has been carefully considered for simplicity and length to reduce printer ink usage by approximately 90%, reflecting Sony’s commitment to reducing environmental impact.

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