Mustang FM Sync Front Camera Interface

Front cameras are the perfect addition to your vehicle if you are looking to improve safety, avoid injuries or time-consuming repairs. PPA camera interface allows you to display the camera images only when you need it.


Integrates into the existing SYNC 3 screen

If you find it hard to judge the front of the vehicle while parking, then this kit is for you.
Depending on your MUSTANG build Simply hold the RIGHT or BACK button on the steering wheel for 3 seconds to activate the interface.


Features Include:

  • Selectable Camera interface menu (Choose front or rear camera-or both)
  • Front camera is not speed dependent (meaning it only switches off when you want – not when you reach a certain speed)
  • If switched the front camera will always switch to the factory reverse camera when you are in reverse gear and return to the front camera when taken out of reverse gear.
  • If switched the 2nd camera input will always stay on, even when the reverse gear is selected it will not return to the factory reverse camera unless you want it to.
  • Power outputs to power your camera, no need to search to for camera power
  • Clean and easy to understand installation instructions

Whats Included:

  • Camera Interface Box
  • Interface Box wiring harness
  • SYNC 3 specific harness
  • Front Camera
  • Vehicle specific camera harness
  • Complete Installation Instructions

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