Forklift LED Red Zone Danger Warning Light

‘Works Best Indoors’

Light system to suit warehouse application


Forklift LED Red Zone Danger Warning Light

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There are many types of safety lights for forklifts such as tail lights, head lights, spot lights beacon lights and so on. The Red Zone Danger LED light however is one of the most effective lighting upgrade for a forklift. Red is the best colour to alert surrounding people to potential danger. The Red Zone Danger LED light will project a red light and create a red line to indicate  particular zone/area that is potentially dangerous. The distance and angle of the light can be adjusted.

We are a specialist supplier for warehouse forklift safety lights. Not all lights are the same quality and our product managers do stringent testing to ensure we are only supplying the highest quality warehouse forklift safety lights to our customers.

The best solution to increase warehouse and factory safety that operate with forklift material handling is to fit the forklifts with red danger zone LED lights.

Forklift LED Red Zone Danger Warning Lights over the years have now become a lot more affordable and the technology has improved making them more reliable. We stock only the best grade forklift red zone danger warning lights

If you would like to increase workplace safety in a warehouse, factory or any area where forklifts are operating the installation of Red Zone Danger LED lights will make a significant improvement towards creating a safe environment.

How do Forklift Red Zone Danger Warning Lights work?

The lights are mounted on the side of the forklift which create and indicate a No Go Zone to warehouse and factory staff.

Why Choose PPA’s LED Forklift Red Zone Danger Warning Lights?

We simply stock the best Red Zone Danger Warning Lights. We only sell the modern compact design which has brighter LEDs (up to 35% brighter than inferior competitor options).

We have these LED lights in stock and they are backed up by a solid manufacturer warranty.

The warning lights are very versatile and can be used to light up walkways, production lines or any other areas where it may be dangerous for the staff to be present.


‘Works Best Indoors’

Light system to suit warehouse application

Forklift LED Red Zone Danger Warning Light – Improve safety around forklifts and other machinery by illuminating the line pedestrians need to stay behind when approaching the sides.The Red-Zone LED warning light helps lower the chances of workers getting hit by the rear end swing of a turning lift or their feet getting ran over, as well as providing a safe zone around other equipment like scissor lifts. Installation is simple with all necessary hardware included with the light to set a safe perimeter for any size machine.


Energy saving LED light bulbs
High temperature resistant
10v to 80v – 18w
Energy saving LED light bulbs
Diecast aluminum Alloy Housing
Size-153.2 * 64.7 * 66.5mm
Upgrade PC lens surface with high light transmission
12 Months replacement old for new warranty

Key Points

The high brightness forklift safety warning light can be installed in the left and right
front and rear of the forklift or any position where industrial equipment needs to be warned,
and can remind pedestrians and other vehicles to pay attention to safety when forklift or
other vehicles move.

It is recommended that the lights on the forklift operation site should be illuminated for a
distance of 1 to 2 meters to ensure that the oncoming vehicles or pedestrians have sufficient
response time.

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