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Ford Ranger (PX2/PX3) and Everest  (UA/UA II) have a nice high-resolution 8 Inch Screen installed from the factory, so if you are towing a caravan or trailer with a camera on the back, why not use this screen to display your camera image.

  • The camera image is visible while driving forwards just like a rearview mirror
  • The system will also override the factory reverse camera when the Caravan’s camera is being displayed
  • Activation by either the OK or Right Arrow Buttons on the right side of the steering wheel
  • All factory functions remain unaffected and can continue to be used as normal.
  • 2 x Camera Inputs make it perfect for Dual Caravan/Trailer Cameras
  • Compatible with NTSC Cameras only

Compatible with the Following Vehicles:-

  • Ford Ranger PX2/PX3 with Sync 3 & Sync 3.4
  • Ford Everest UA/UAII with Sync 3 & Sync 3.4


  • Not compatible with Cameras that use a PAL Video Signal.
  • Not compatible with vehicles that have the Sync 2 system.
Q: A long press of the OK button on the right side of my steering wheel resets the trip meter. When I activate the camera, will it also reset my trip meter?
A: To activate the camera is a long press of 1-2 seconds, so it will not reset the trip meter as this requires a long press for 4-5 seconds. You would only need to be careful with the timing of the long-press when showing the trip computer screen in your cluster.
Q: Is my existing Caravan Camera compatible with this system?
A: This system will work with all cameras with an NTSC video signal. It is not compatible with cameras that use a PAL video signal so please check before purchasing. If your camera uses a PAL signal, or you are unsure what your camera has, please use part number 1328-3 instead.

Q: My Caravan Camera has a built-in Microphone, will the audio from that come through my factory speakers?
A: In order for the audio from a Caravan Camera to come through the factory speakers, the factory infotainment system requires an auxiliary input (3.5mm Headphone Jack). If your vehicle has an Aux input it is possible with the use of some optional cables. If your vehicle does not have an auxiliary input then unfortunately there is no way to get the sound through the factory speakers.
Q: Will my Caravan Camera cable connect to your system?
A: Our systems have a Female RCA connection for the caravan camera (see below image #1). Most Caravan Cameras will have a multi-pin plug so an adapter from this connection to a Male RCA is normally required. An example is below in image #2. If you are unsure, please feel free to get in touch with us, send us a picture and we will be able to advise what you will need.

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