Car Sound deadening

What is Sound Deadening?

Sound deadening reduces or stops that ‘rattle’ sound you may sometimes hear, by diminishing or absorbing unwanted noise. Sound deadening is an aspect of soundproofing – removing or reducing unwanted car noise by placing material over the metal, to absorb and reduce vibration.

In its simplest form, sound deadening can be described as the transference of sound from one area to another, through insulation, thus absorbing the “rattle” or other unwanted sounds, that are transferred to the insulation material, rather than to the sound system.

How can a car be sound deadened, or soundproofed?

There is no way (yet) to entirely soundproof your vehicle, however, there are things that can be done to greatly improve the ‘rattle and vibrations’ such as using damping mats, the use of application-specific foams, or even ensuring your vehicle is serviced regularly.

Reducing noise and vibrations will not only improve the overall enjoyment of car travel, but it will also enable your audio system to perform without ‘rattles and car noise chatter’ thus increasing your enjoyment of your sound system while driving.