Old Trucks, New Capabilities: Adding Reversing Cameras and Safety Tech to Your Fleet

So you have a fleet of old pickups and SUVs still serving the needs of your company? Older vehicles may be outclassed by their modern and brand new counterparts but it does not mean that their productive and reliable days are over. With the right planning, safety add-on and a few hundred dollars spent on vehicles, you can finally say hello to your fleet of ‘old trucks’ with new and smarter capabilities. Here are four popular additions to your fleet that boost its performance and safety on and off the road.


Forward-Collision Warning/Lane Departure Warning. It is the job of the forward-collision warning system to track the environment and predict if a collision is imminent. Through the use of a radar or camera, it scans the environment, alerting the driver and giving him time to act. Of course, the accuracy of the system will eventually depend on the manufacturer. At times, drivers may get ‘bogus alerts’ which can affect the response time and efficiency. With these in mind, it pays to work only with the best brands and qualified suppliers. The best aftermarket systems often use radar instead of cameras and should work even during tough weather conditions.


Blind spot detection. This is another aftermarket safety system that can provide assistance to the drivers. As a safety system, the blind spot detection feature uses sensors to monitor and track the movements on the sides of the vehicle and flash in icon in case something or another vehicle is in the way. Blind spot detection systems vary in price, with some starting at $60 and with the more expensive ones over $200.


Reversing cameras. Just like the automatic blind spot detection feature, the installation of reversing cameras can also equip drivers on the road. It can reduce the risks of accidents since drivers can have a better look at the road environment, eliminating the blind side along the way. Reversing cameras can be purchased in kits, complete with cameras, monitors, and cables. You can even find a supplier of reversing cameras that can provide complete assistance and technical support, especially when it comes to installation and maintenance.


These are just some of the best aftermarket parts and systems that can be added to your fleet of ‘old vehicles’. Older vehicles may pale in comparison in terms of looks and the availability of modern equipment and accessories, but it doesn’t mean that you will need to retire them just like that. With a few safety add-on and investments, your old vehicles can definitely learn new tricks!