Keep Your Eyes on the Road and Protect the Fleet with an Integrated Reversing Camera System

Fleet and drivers’ safety and protection are critical to any business organization. In the pursuit of business, the safety of the drivers and the protection of the fleet are also considered strongly. When the fleet and its drivers are grounded, then the operations of the business will take a hit. The problems becomes more serious if the fleet of vehicle gets into serious reversing accidents on and off the road. It may not only lead to lost man hours due to hospitalization and repairs; accidents can also mean costly expenses that can drain the funds. To avoid the inconveniences and problems like these, companies are advised to invest on an integrated safety camera system. An integrated safety camera system is composed of a number of safety accessories that are all designed to help drivers make sound driving decisions through improved visibility. Here are some integrated safety options and accessories that can boost your health and safety plans.


Blind Spot Cameras. Low visibility is one of the reasons why many Australian drivers encounter accidents on and 7inch Dash Mount MDVR Reversing 4 Camera Systemoff the road. To avoid these accidents, it’s best to use blind spot cameras which can help reduce the risks associated with accidents. Once these cameras are installed on the sides or at the rear, drivers get a clear view of the surroundings, thus eliminating the usual blind side. These products can be purchased in complete kits in different camera configurations, from 1 camera to a Reversing 4 camera system.


Lane Change Assist. It is also important that fleet operators should install the Lane Change Assist technology which can prove helpful when drivers are changing lanes. Although drivers may check the side mirrors and visually check the area, these tricks may not be enough. But with the addition of this feature, drivers will not worry about other cars that may suddenly appear. Some of the leading makes and models that offer this technology are 2016 Hyundai Sonata and the Porsche Macan. You can also add this technology to older cars, at a price.


Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). This is another critical addition to the vehicle safety system as it warns drivers if one of the tires are under-inflated. This is indicated by a yellow light, suggesting to the driver that the tires of the trucks must be checked. The installation of the TPMS will not just inform drivers, but will also improve braking distance and save fuel.

Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS)