Which Vehicles and Industries Can Benefit from the Use of a Backup Cameras and Related Accessories

On its own, the reversing camera system can serve as a cost-effective and helpful addition to vehicles. With a camera, drivers can have a better view of the rear thus promoting safe parking and reversing. But did you know that you can still improve its performance and extend its longevity by adding another accessory? 

Yes, this can be done by investing in a backup shutter camera. The shutter can help extend the life and visibility of your reversing camera. Its addition is specifically helpful for vehicles that operate in demanding environments where the cameras are subjected to dirt and dust. When installed, the shutter can protect the camera, only revealing when in use, thus promoting a clearer view of the rear and the environment. Here are three industries (and their vehicles) that can benefit from the installation and use of reversing camera systems.

Construction and Quarries

The construction and quarrying areas are known for demanding work environments. Expect dust and a lot of small stones that can become problems for the camera systems that lack ingress protection. Aside from blocking the lens, dust and small stones can compromise the internal wiring of the reversing camera system. If the reversing cameras for construction and quarries are fitted with a backup shutter camera, the operators can safely go about their tasks without the need to worry about dangerous reversing and backing up. 

Another important accessory that can prove helpful in the construction business is the forklift safety lights. These safety lights will cast a colored light around the forklifts thus informing workings and pedestrians about its presence.


If you’re working in agricultural fields then you know how punishing the work environments can be. Aside from the natural large sizes of tractors (which are known for huge blind spots), operators need to worry about dirt, mud, and small stones which can help hinder a complete view of the environment. Having a reversing camera system for the tractor is just the start of the best practice for work safety. To ensure complete and consistent commitment to safety, it’s highly recommended to use additional driving assistance products.

Waste and Recycling

Vehicles in the waste and recycling business will also benefit from the use of reversing cameras and other reversing camera accessories. Waste trucks often operate in the early hours of the morning which creates issues when it comes to visibility. When the camera is introduced to cool temperature, ice can form which makes it difficult for the driver to see and observe the surroundings. But with the use of reversing cameras and related accessories, drivers and operators can improve visibility and promote safety on the road. Aside from the installation of reversing cameras, the management can also use in-built heaters which can melt away the ice.