What Features and Technologies to Look For In Your Next Dashcam

Promoting safety on the road for both the drivers and passengers require an investment in safety accessories and technologies. More than the required driver’s education and awareness of road rules, the presence of reliable safety parts and technologies on the vehicle is critical in promoting the safety of everyone on the road. And when it comes to safety add-on and aftermarket parts, the dashcam serves as a functional and dependable partner by the car owner. While it may not be active in preventing crashes like a collision avoidance system or slow down the vehicle like the braking system, still its addition on the car is one of the best things a car owner can do to enhance safety and boost protection.

What’s a Dashcam?

It’s an onboard camera that’s mounted in or around the dashboard of your car. The cameras are often attached on the dash using sticky rubber pads, using suction cup mounts or through the use of 3M adhesive mounts. Backed by batteries that are connected to the 12-volt system or the car or the cigarette lighter, the dashcam records all the action in the surroundings, even if you are not looking. In many countries, the dashcam has been used to protect drivers from fraud. Its installation can also capture accidents and activities, which can then serve its purpose during legal proceedings. While its installation may not guarantee actual protection and prevent you from meeting a car accident, its recording capabilities can work like a charm. If you are planning to get one for your vehicle, make sure you understand the t 90-7651op features that should come in every dashcam to get the best results.

What to Look for in a Dashcam?THINKWARE DASH CAM X550 Full HD 2CH Recording

Here are a few things to consider when shopping for a new dashcam:


  • Looping feature. Dashcam incorporated with this feature will automatically record activities over an old video that are no longer needed. This means that you no longer need to physically delete all unwanted files/videos.
  • Night vision capability. If you drive a lot at night, then a dashcam with night vision capability can help. This feature can also help in areas where there’s low lighting, like underground parking lots and dark alleyways. This is a standard feature in many dash cameras from THINKWARE, like its model X550.
  • Full HD recording, wider angle coverage. With a wider angle of coverage, the dash cam can capture as much information and activities as possible.
  • Built-in incident detection feature. This is another popular feature that will inform drivers in case a collision or an accident has been detected.


Other important things to consider when looking for a dash cam are storage, lane departure warning, and even its size. With a dash cam securely fitted in the dashboard, it’s as if you have a second set of eyes that can help you keep track of the road even if you are not looking. And in case of emergencies, the dash cam can even help you get the protection that you need, especially if there are questionable claims.