Reduce Backover Risks by Using Reversing Cameras for SUVs

When it comes to the most effective driving aids and equipment when it comes to reversing, the rear or reversing cameras are considered better and more efficient. And these findings are not just based on informal observations and surveys; the growing evidence supporting the reliability of reversing cameras is actually backed by industry researches including that from Insurance Institute of Highway Safety. Based on this recent survey conducted by the IIHS, it was found out that using the reversing camera system alone can protect the driver and help reduce the risks associated with accidents. In this study involving volunteer drivers, it was noted that the use of reversing cameras is more affected when it comes to preventing backover crashes into bystanders and pedestrians in the vehicle’s blind zones compared to traditional parking sensors. And what’s more surprising about the study is that the sole use of reversing cameras is proven to be more effective than parking sensors and cameras combined. In short, the reversing camera is considered the most promising type of safety technology when one wants to address this specific type of crash, and the benefit is more evident in vehicles with the biggest blind spot zones.

About Backover Risks and How You Can Manage These

Backover risk is higher in vehicles with larger blind zones, thus preventing the vehicle drivers and operators from seeing objects and pedestrians behind the rear bumper. In larger vehicles, the blind zones will prevent them from checking out or surveying objects or small items that are low to the ground. And when it comes to vehicles with the largest blind zones, the pickup trucks and SUVs are considered the leading violators. In these vehicles, if the objects or pedestrians are within 27 feet of the rear bumper, then these could not be covered by simply using glances or standard mirrors alone. In short, without the use of modern.

Because of the larger blind zones, the SUVs and pickups are involved in more backover crashes than sedans and cars. In fact, the larger the vehicle one is driving, the worse the visibility which can become a problem on and off the road. This is the reason why drivers should be proactive when driving SUVs or other large vehicles. And one of the best things that one can do is to install a reversing camera system right for the make and model. When installed, reversing or backup cameras can reduce the blind zones by an average of 90 percent. The parking sensors may also help, but not as effective and reliable when compared with reversing cameras.