iBeam 360 Degree Camera System with DVR


360° Vehicle Camera System

360° Vehicle Camera System

Get a comprehensive view of the entire area surrounding your vehicle with the

360-degree birds-eye Camera System

See With A Bird’s Eye View

Featuring 4 vehicle cameras mounted to the front, rear and left+right vehicle mirrors, the iBeam 360 Vehicle camera system lets you see where you cant from a top-down style video picture also known as ‘Birds-eye’.

Each video signal is fused together using the included video processing module to give you the complete view.

Each camera is designed to cleanly be installed to the vehicle for neat installation.

360° Vehicle Camera System

360° Vehicle Camera System

Aftermarket Headunit Ready

Designed for use with aftermarket infotainment systems, the TE-360 outputs its video picture directly to the reverse camera input of your aftermarket infotainment system.

Picture in Picture with the reverse camera picture and ‘bird-eye’ view is shown when the vehicle is in reverse. Each camera signal is selectable by the included IR remote control.

Optional trigger by the left and right indicators can be setup when installed for a easy to use application.

Capture Your Drive

Record every detail from outside your vehicle with the iBeam 360 Vehicle Camera System.

With its included ‘Record to USB’ feature, the entire time your vehicle is powered on, each of the 4 cameras video feeds are recorded directly to your choice of USB thumb drive.

Video feed can be reviewed via the TE-360 itself using the included remote control or can be viewed from your PC by removing the USB drive. (USB Drive not included)

360° Vehicle Camera System

360° Vehicle Camera SystemWhat Do You Get?

The TE-360 kit includes

  • Forward Facing Camera
  • Rearward Facing Camera
  • Left Mirror Camera
  • Right Mirror Camera
  • Video Processing Interface
  • Camera and Interface Harnesses
  • IR Remote Control with Receiver
  • Instruction Manual

Product Color:
Black Finish

Video System:

Output Channels:
1x RCA Video Output

The DVR functionality requires a USB Drive to be inserted in the supplied USB lead. The DVR does not record video while the vehicle is switched off.