Monitor or Mirror System- Which Should You Pick When Buying a Reversing Camera System

If this is your first time to consider and buy a reversing camera, then there’s a big chance that you have encountered camera systems advertised as monitor and a mirror system. Both kits can help drivers get a good look of the rear when reversing but they vary in one design feature- the presence of a monitor. The monitor reversing camera will have a monitor which will display images that have been captured by the camera. The monitor is often dash-mounted and its installation will normally not affect the layout or design of the dash. These screens are integrated directly into the vehicles’ audio or navigation system using the existing touch screen.

The monitor or screen that comes with the kit will normally vary depending on the manufacturer. But some of the top reversing camera systems will often boast a 7” dash mount monitor. Other options available in the market will feature screens that measure 4.3 inches wide and 5 inches wide. This should be large enough to provide a clear view of what’s happening in the rear.

The mirror system, on the other hand, is a more basic option which requires easy installation. Instead of a separate screen where the images will be displayed, the captured images are shown on the mirror, normally a side mirror. Most mirror-based units feature installation which only requires the mounting of the cameras in the existing rear-view mirror.

So What’s the Best Pick for Your Vehicle?

The choice of what kind of design and system to order is often based on personal preferences or how much you are willing to spend on the units. For many drivers, the best option is the rearview mirror because it’s in their natural location when they are backing up.

Also, these will not take too much space in the console or the dash. And for others, the best option is a monitor system which is integrated into the dash. Whatever option is selected, you can be sure that both units are automatically activated when you reverse.